Effective Environmental and Fire Safety Solutions

TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANIES NEED to always be prepared for any disaster. Businesses, hospitals, 911 calls all rely on their solid reliability, even in the worst of times.  Maintaining operations effectiveness is job #1. Any disruption of services due to an incident such as an electrical fire can result large financial losses. Will first responders to the facility react by dousing expensive telecommunications equipment with water, creating more damage the equipment? Will they trying to shut the power for the facility down by only eliminating the main AC power source, only to find out that it’s not that simple or easy?  If you want local first responders, and employees to know how to manage power distribution in the instance of a mishap, and your company to have the best and up-to-date fire safety RESPONSE, reach out to Envirolutions for depowering programs and strategies. We provide environmental and safety support to our clients in the telecommunications industry. Our most sought-after services include:

  • Depowering Operational Analysis and Implementation
  • NFPA 76 Comprehensive Audits
  • Power Configuration Audits
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Pre-fire Planning/Firefighter Program Familiarization

Trained and Experienced Industry Leaders

We take pride in quickly responding to our clients and in providing complete solutions to their fire safety and depowering needs. For almost 20 years, we have taught businesses that are members of the United States Telephone Association (USTA) the most appropriate environment and safety disciplines for the telecommunications industry. Currently, our teams have created and implemented environmental and safety programs in hundreds of wireless and wire-line facilities across the country.

We have an impeccable compliance track record. In addition, we offer customized programs that can keep your business safe. We work closely with power engineers, construction project leaders, and compliance managers to provide optimal depowering programs to their respective organizations. Our national network of fire departments work hand in hand with us on an annual basis to ensure a high level of competency for their first responders. No matter what your concerns regarding environmental and safety regulations for telecommunication companies are, our team can help you. 

Your Safety Is Our Concern

Protect your company’s most important assets—employees, highly valuable equipment, and reputation—with the help of our team. Our knowledgeable team is skilled in different areas, such as:

  • DC Power Management
  • Business Continuity Planning and National Security Emergency Preparedness (NSEP)
  • Environmental Compliance/Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Compliance
  • Life Safety and Fire Safety Programs (National Fire Protection Association)

We create well-documented program options that are tailored to the specific characteristics of every facet of your facility. To enhance their overall long-term effectiveness, we also provide follow-up training.

To take advantage of the services we offer, contact us. We would be pleased to discuss how our programs can help you improve your company’s regulations and standards concerning sanitation and safety.