Minimizing Potential Fire Damages and Environmental Compliance Issues

If you are managing a telecommunications company, then you should be prepared to handle various problems, including poor connection, power outage, system breakdown, and faulty wiring. Without well-developed safety procedures, you will put not only your employees but also the future of your business at risk. For a safer and cleaner workplace, rely on Envirolutions for Depowering Strategies. Our team offers the following services NATIONALLY:

  • Power System Analysis
    • AC/DC
    • UPS
    • Generator
    • Photovoltaic
  • De-power Plan Development
  • National Firefighter Program Familiarization
  • * Annual Program Updates

  • Compliance Reporting/CAD Revisions
  • * Pre/Post Construction Updates

We have more than 20 years of knowledge in the industry and we keep ourselves UP TO DATE with the current practices. If you work with us, we will carefully inspect your company’s environmental status quo, and recommend the most suitable safety program. Additionally, our team will help you make sure that your company follows the current environmental regulations and we will familiarize your employees and first responders on how to execute the program.

NFPA 75 & 76 Compliance

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) created a standard for the fire safety requirements of telecommunications companies (NFPA 76), and Data Centers (NFPA 75). Our Pre-fire plans are based on these codes focusing the programs on ensuring service continuity, the protection of the equipment, and the safety of the employees. The cost for prevention is minimal compared to the cost of damages due to mismanagement of the response to an electrical fire.  Our goal is to provide peace of mind through preparedness.